Make My Travel BD
(We provide International & Domestic Air Ticket)

A Sister Concern of Fly HSB 
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Make My Travel BD
(We provide International & Domestic Air Ticket)

A Sister Concern of HSB 

About us

MMT  is one of the nation’s prominent travel agencies. MMT set off on its  journey in the year 2020 with the dream of becoming a leading travel agency company in Bangladesh and has never looked back since. We are proud to say that we are steadily on our way towards solidifying this dream. We have excellent communication with our clients and the type of strategic planning we have devised is unparalleled. MMT aims to completely transfigure the way people generally think about travel agencies. MMT has already established a reliable, noteworthy and highly distinguished position in the past couple of years of being in service.

Our esteemed CEO is a seasoned professional who is highly qualified in all kinds of travel agency related endeavors. It is due to his versatile vision and strategies that the company stands where it is at this moment.

All the employees work relentlessly 24/7 to keep up the reputation of having exceptional customer communication and satisfaction. Our service is highly distinguished and the fact that our clients keep on coming back for more deals proves just that. Our alluring discounts are worth noticing.

Our distinctive and comprehensive services are just a minor phone call away. The process of booking travel and tour packages are quick, simple, dependable, practical, and ideal for customers of all ages.

Our employees are experts. Whatever the service you need not worry about it because we are here to do the work for you. Our services always ensure the need and comfort of all the clients because MMT values its clients above anything else.MMT has, had and forever will covet all it’s clients. MMT is the epitome of quality, reliable and trustworthy service. MMT is committed, MMT never disappoints.

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